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What is the difference between Sleep and Hibernate mode?

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Sleep mode and hibernate mode are both power-saving states that you can put your computer or laptop into. Both modes are designed to pause the current state of the computer and resume it when you are ready to continue using it. Sleep
mode Sleep mode

it is mainly used with home computers (desktop computers). Sleep Mode is designed to save work in progress, programs and computer settings that use up computer memory, while using very little power.
mode Sleep mode

it is mainly used with the laptop of . Hibernation mode is designed to save your computer's current state to the hard drive, then shut down the computer to stop using the power completely. This mode is usually used when you don't plan to use your laptop for a long time.

Hibernate mode is more power-efficient, but files can become fragmented over time by using this mode frequently. Sleep mode no longer consumes power, but the advantage Sleep mode has over Hibernate is that it doesn't take the computer time to resume its previous state when you're ready to continue using it.

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