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What is the difference between Android Lollipop and KitKat?

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16 things you can do on Android Lollipop and you could in KitKat

It seems to have been a long time since we saw the first version of Android L . Google is finally releasing Lollipop Android Nexus devices, including Nexus 6 and 9 newly presented. If you want to learn more about the new version of the operating system company, here you have a selection of tips and recommendations covering all the new features, minor and major.

Tap and go

16 things you can do on Android Lollipop and you could in KitKat

When you're setting up your new device Lollipop for the first time, you will be presented with the option Tap and Go. This system based on Bluetooth and NFC technology transfers all the details of your Google account, configuration, data and applications to your new phone or tablet. Just place the old and the new one over the other. The widgets and wallpapers are also saved.

Use the flashlight

Lanterns applications have always been popular on Android, so Google decided to include the operating system itself, so you avoid the hassle of downloading another developed by a third party. Notification Center displays sliding your finger from the top of the screen. On the top bar will reveal the flashlight and other settings such as airplane mode. The application will appear only if your device has an integrated LED flash.

Prioritize your applications

16 things you can do on Android Lollipop and you could in KitKat

Lollipop Android 5.0 lets you make lists of important applications that can send you notifications even when you're busy. Go to Settings -> Sound & Notifications ->Notifications of applications and choose whether to block applications or highlight them. With the volume button on your device you can change the priority mode indefinitely or just for an hour. You can see what applications have this setup with a star on the status bar.

Interact with notifications with the locked device

In Lollipop, all notices of applications appear on the locked screen so you can see them. Not only that, you can also interact with them. Slide your finger on some to ignore and press to answer, depending on the application. Double-tap on a notification to go to the application.

If you want to disable this feature go to Settings -> Sound & Notifications -> When the device is locked.

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Fixed applications

16 things you can do on Android Lollipop and you could in KitKat

If someone else will use your device, you can set the application to use so you can not open other. First you have to enable this feature in Settings -> Security -> Screen pinning .Then, when you activate the multitasking view using the View button together, you'll see an icon with a switch to activate this option (if you see it does not slide the screen up).

To disable this mode, press the button to go back and multitasking while. When activated, the system will ask if you want to use a code or pattern to unlock the function. This code is the same you put into your device to lock the screen if you have not enabled, you can not use with stationary applications.

Direct access to the application settings

The locked display received many improvements with Android 5.0 Lollipop, including the ability to go directly to the application settings or your panel information from this place. Press and hold any notification of a specific application (application dependent) and see an icon with a gear (the shortcut to go to its settings) and an information icon (shortcut to go to the notification settings).

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Meet time your battery will last

16 things you can do on Android Lollipop and you could in KitKat

A new feature in Android 5.0 is the ability to know how long your battery will last or how long you must wait until it is fully charged. Press the battery icon in the notification center to view (load time will also appear on the lock screen minutes after connecting the device to the mains).

Search configurations and networks

The Google search bar becomes more ubiquitous with every version of Android, Lollipop can even search the device configuration. Click the magnifying glass icon to use. It's a quick way to find a particular option you want to set, especially if you do not know what menu is. You can use this same feature to search for saved Wi-Fi networks.

Guest Active Mode

16 things you can do on Android Lollipop and you could in KitKat

Share devices with other people (friends, colleagues, family, children) can be tricky, but the Guest Mode Lollipop makes it easy. You can activate it from the notification center and pressing the avatar of your user. Then select Add Guest from the menu (or just select Guest if you've already done this process before).

Improves readability

If you were wondering if the Setup menu Accessibility and receive an update on Android 5.0, there is now a new feature called high-contrast text. Essentially, improves text in white or difficult texts read in light background with a black outline. You can see the text "OK Google" into the search bar on the main screen, for example.


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Add trusted devices

A trusted device is one that can disable the security code or pattern on your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or NFC, when it is within range of connectivity. This means you do not have to worry about unlocking the device when you're at home or in your car, for example. Go toSettings -> Security -> Smart Protection to activate.

Do not bother

16 things you can do on Android Lollipop and you could in KitKat

This feature works very similar to prioritize applications, but is based on times and days. Go to Settings -> Sound & Notifications -> interrupts to configure. The best option is to use it when you do not want to be bothered at night, for example. Although you can configure it to allow some contacts and alarms can wake.

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Return your application after restarting your device

In versions prior to Lollipop, restarting the device, all your recent apps disappeared. In Android 5.0 are still present in the vision of multitasking; so you can resume talks or lectures in a place quickly (not all applications remember exactly where you were). To remove an application from this list, swipe your card to the right or left.

Play clone Flappy Bird

16 things you can do on Android Lollipop and you could in KitKat

To do this, you must unlock it. Go to Settings -> About phone and press four times faster version of Android. Once Lollipop graph appears, press it many times and then hold your finger on it until the clone Flappy Bird with an android appears. It's just as frustrating as the original version of the game.

Save battery

Lollipop Android 5.0 includes a mode to save battery that can be configured to operate to be 15% or 5% battery, or never if you prefer (you can turn on and off manually too). What it does is disable synchronization in the background of some applications, vibration phone and other tricks. If you select Battery from the section of Settings 'll find this option.

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Guide to Lollipop (Android 5.0)

Newcomer Google operating system will be the dominant software in the future of Android technology. Therefore, we consider essential to know in detail all you can offer us new Lollipop version.

Among the novelty stands out above all the new Design Material interface as well as certain improvements in the system of notifications from the lock screen or the optimization of battery consumption, on devices that run.

In Google Play you can download this complete manual English so free with all detailed information to fully understand the features, functions and tricks that Android 5.0 offers

Android Quick Start Guide, Android 5.0, Lollipop : https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=dnzVBAAAQBAJ

Kitkat Guide (Android 4.4)

The operating system most used today by smartphones and tablets worldwide, also has its place in Google Play.

With this guide, you'll discover the improvements introduced by the eleventh version of Android, which brought numerous interface improvements, functionality and design of the devices.

An example is operable with only 500 MB of RAM and reduce battery drain terminal or tablet by almost half, compared to its previous operating system.

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