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KMSUPD.exe is a system process that you can see in the task manager .
You may wonder if it is a malicious process related to:  viruses ,  trojans ,  adware  and others.
Is it a Windows system process or malware?

What is KMSUPD.exe

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KMSUPD.exe is a non-system third-party process, ie it is not a component of Windows.
It occupies about 57MB in memory and the description is KMS Updater ELDI and the editor is @ByELDI

The file is located in the C:\Program Files\KMSpico folder and occupies 88 KB on disk.

KMSUPD.exe is made active at Windows startup by the KMSpico Automatic Update Scheduler scheduled task .

What is KMSPico?

KMSPico is a well-known free utility to activate Windows and Office without paying.
It is therefore an illegal crack -type utility .

The latter relies on  Windows Volume Recording (KMS)  to activate a copy for 180 days .
The program remains installed on the computer and before the 180 days, will again reactivate Windows for this same period and so on.

KMSUPD.exe is a KMSpico component.
It is therefore detected by antiviruses as a hack and piracy tool.
The detections are of the type Hacktool:MSIL/AutoKMS, Application.Hacktool.KMSActivator, HEUR:HackTool.MSIL.KMSAuto.gen
This is not a trojan horse, nor a component that allows you to control your device remotely.

KMSpico's major security issue is that users download it from online sites.
These sites from untrusted sources often embed dangerous malware in the installer and setup of KMSPico.
Because of this, you were able to install a trojan.
More details in this tutorial:

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