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How to restart Windows 10 in safe mode (safe mode)

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Always when we want to start a computer in safe mode we must press the F8 key during startup to access the menu where you can choose that option. With the arrival of UEFI Secure Boot and many users can not access this menu, so you are in a situation where if a problem occurs (especially when upgrading from 7 or 8 to 10) may not be able to charge properly the system or access to this safe mode where attempting repairs.

Although little-known system configuration (aka msconfig) has an option that allows us to configure our system startup. One of the options that can be set from here is that at the next reboot the system to boot into safe mode instead of boot normally. In this way we avoid having to press the F8 key during startup and users with UEFI Secure Boot and they can seamlessly access the system mode.

To set a soft start first thing to do is open the Run window by pressing Win + R keys (or the start button right click with the mouse) and the run window type "msconfig" (without quotes) .


Press Enter and a new window will be loaded system configuration.

From this window you can configure the startup mode and operating system boot. To choose the option to boot into safe mode must click on the "Startup" tab at the top and see something like this section.

At the bottom of the window you can see "Boot Options". To choose our system loaded at the next reboot into safe mode simply must make a "Safe Boot" option and choose the kind of start we want, for example, "Network" to also be connected to the Internet.


From here you can also configure another set of settings as a starter without interface, keep a record of all the starting base or use graphics using only the information of OS boot.

By default these changes are only valid for once so that when you restart in Safe mode back to normal mode (otherwise simply must reopen msconfig and uncheck that have marked before to boot failsafe). We can also force the system to make constant changes by checking the option to "make permanent settings."

The only thing left to do is to apply the changes and restart your computer to see how to automatically enter the safe mode where we can try to solve potential problems that may exist in our operating system.


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