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How to transfer or move all data to the iPhone 6s

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Create a backup in iTunes

As always we usually recommend, to do a backup of the device before deciding to switch phones. This will allow us to store any sensitive data and avoid problems. The fastest way to backup is using iTunes on your computer with USB 3.0, but you can also do it through iCloud. If you want to backup to iCloud only you have to access the following path: Settings> iCloud> Backup and activate the manual backup. Once the backup list continues with the second part of this tutorial.

  1. First we open iTunes and connect the old iPhone to the computer via USB. 
  2. Select the iPhone and open the Backup screen in iTunes, make sure you select the encryption of backups to protect passwords and other personal information. 
  3. Press the backup and expected to complete the process of creation. 
  4. Once copying is complete, we are ready to load our data into the new iPhone.

Sets the new iPhone or iPhone 6s 6s Plus and transfers all information

Once you have your backup, regardless of whether it was done via iCloud or iTunes, what remains is to install in our iPhone or iPhone 6s 6s Plus. The procedure is quite simple and fast.

We turn on the iPhone and begin the initial configuration process, choosing the language, and configuring connected to WiFi Touch ID, password, and so on.

  •   When we got to screen applications and data we choose Restore from iTunes backup.
  • Black screen and we will ask us to connect to iTunes. Connect iPhone to your computer.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password when you request it, 
  • choose the most recent backup copy and hoped that the information is transferred.

When the transfer is finished the phone will reboot and go. Remember that sometimes need to return to certain apps downloaded from the App Store. Except that, you should have no problem transferring another the rest of your data.

Common problems when transferring data to iPhone 6s

If you transfer the backup from iCloud, the photos have to download them from there, so you can appear blank thumbnails just open the gallery. You can also spend your email passwords or health data do not appear, this happens if you forget to put the encryption function on the backup iTunes. Consider these tips and recommendations we give you to get the most out of your new iPhone 6s. Save time and takes all your important information to your new device in a few minutes.


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You can use backup tool to transfer the data between two iphones or android and iphone.

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