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I can not unlock the phone because I do not work fingerprint and have forgotten the pin.
 I can only receive calls. When I turn it on it it is put into emergency call and I can only receive calls, but I can not do anything with the phone.
 The only solution I propose is to reset the phone and lose all the information.
 Does anyone know of a solution? I am desperate because I have a lot of information inside and I have no way to recover it.

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Hello penda,

Normally when a password or pattern is lost, it insists incorrectly until you ask for the password to access your Gmail account associated with the mobile.

In this case, to have the mark not know exactly, but you could make the attempt, in the ping pong that you think may be well be wrong and so after a few attempts you do wait a few minutes still trying, and hopefully you get to request access by Gmail.

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Thanks , but do not ask me access to Gmail. I blocked the terminal via Google and I get the message "Locked by the Administrator of Android devices." It also puts another message "Call the owner", but that does not mean. I do not know what to do.

I think the only solution left is to format the phone, losing all the information and start from scratch.

However I think Samsung should have solved this issue. Negative for them.
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Good morning penda. You gotta solve your problem? It happens exactly the same ...
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Hello Carlos,
You can not fix it and I lost all the information that I had recorded in the cloud.
The choice I had to do to keep the terminal is reset by a system that can find by you tube, which is very easy, and it leaves you as the terminal is shipped you.
There is another way to make it through Google account (if you had discharged a recovery option) or Samsung account (if you had discharged). If you contact Samsung will report how.
I hope I've helped. If you need more specific information and tell me I look for help. Now I'm very busy and I can not.
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Happens to me the same thing does not work I suddenly fingerprint and password q truth I have no idea who put in his day, but this is not because of a sudden blockage, have lots of information on the Phone , not to do what I restarted cards changed everything and nothing.
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When you say that you do not work the fingerprint, it means that the sensor does not work? or which does not recognize your footprint?

In the second set I leave 3 finger case because sometimes with some work can damage a XD

And password, well it's a shame, I hope you can remember and have no need to delete everything.
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I also tried everything but I could not fix it. In the end I had no choice but to restart the device and leave it as you deliver it at the factory. You can find how to do it on youtube.

I did not lose any information because the recover part if you're on Google. It is important to register with the cloud services or information more critical. Although this once you learn what happens this problem.

Luck !!!
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I had recorded two fingers and did not work either. I guess the problem is with the sensor. But just in case I were to fail not use the fingerprint as security.
Thank you
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