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I have a question with Apple Watch? How long does the battery?
I have one 42mm and that is when I give in training to walk, to go using the sensor without stopping and heart with the iPhone in your pocket battery 100% me down to 42/40%, with only 4:00 hours use.
"Configured to display only activated by touching the screen" .... not bad but very little, using outside sleeping train eg 00:00 am to 07:00 am low at around 10% ... .
I do not think I've touched a bad battery but I have my doubts, the Garmin VivoActive, for example lasts me 10 days using GPS ... and the applewatch normally have to carry 2 times daily for 100% work, (no battery saving mode)
For details, use only for training (walking) 4 hours a day at most. And when I do four hours, from 100% down to 42/40%.
I do not take my pulse at all as long as I carry only take it off to charge and showering nothing else, play by play, I do not play at all, and I have no third-party application, I get whatsapp, until he had automatically left me an application of the Caixa and RunKeeper but I deleted.
Apple would be good to take it in Store?
For those who have the AppleWatch as you see the battery life? Poor? normal? Thank you

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I have the sport of 42 and the battery lasts me all day without problems, I reach the end of the day between 40 and 50% depending on use, but I always reaches the end of the day

the thing is that you must charge every night so that whether or not the next day if you run short

I usually I connect when I lie down and lodesconecto when I get up in the morning at about 5 am and 40 am

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But when you train you lower long battery?

When low training outrageous: /

Moreover, doing sport, it would last me quite well (one day)
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00: 00AM until 07:00 am Low around 10% .... and left with 90%''
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with training for 1 hour and I'm not that little athlete and if the battery is low but I guess these peripheral using standard sensors continuously for long periods and it is normal that the battery down
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