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Android Error - The SDK installation does not detect the Java JDK

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When attempting to install the Android SDK installer does not detect JDK therefore not allowed to continue. The following error message:

Error: Java SE Development Kit (JDK) not found.

Relies on the Android SDK Java SE Development Kit (JDK).

Go to http://java.sun.com> Downloads> Java SE> JDK to download and install a JDK before Continuing.

Note: A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is not enough to Develop for Android.

The error will look like in the picture below:

Solution 1 - whether or not the Java JDK is not installed
Java JDK Java used to develop software and provide additional tools. JDK is a development environment for applications, applets and several components using Java.

To download press here.

Here we click on "Download" beneath the word JDK.

We redirected to another new window.
This press "Accept License Agreement" to let us select the download.
Then download the Windows that corresponds to our system. If you do not know which one, download the one called "Windows x86" (it is advisable to download our operating system if your computer is likely to be modern x64).

When you download and execute it follow the wizard until it is installed.

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Solution 2 - The JDK is installed but not detected by the installer
It is a common problem that is corrected immediately. Do not despair, it can be solved. To fix first press "Back" and then try one of the following solutions:

Send again the "Next". This does not ensure that it works, but sometimes the JDK is back a few times to check screen JDK installation.
Go to where you installed the Java JDK, usually "C: Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_03bin". It run called "javac" (displayed a picture and disappear). Press "Next" in the SDK installer to make the search JDK again.


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