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Android Error - Eclipse does not show the buttons on Android after installing the ADT and SDK

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This error (although not wrong is simply no buttons are shown) occurs after the installation of Eclipse, not seeing the buttons on the Android SDK Manager or the Android Virtual Device Manager (also called AVD Manager). That is, the look in Eclipse where they should be, both in the toolbar and in the Window option and do not appear.

It's as simple as Eclipse go to "Window" menu and select "Customize Perspective ..."
In the window that opens go first to the "Command Availability Groups" tab and select "Android SDK and AVD Manager".
Then we go to the "Toolbar Visibility" tab and check "Android SDK and AVD Manager" and click "OK" (It is important to follow the tabs in the order given, but let us mark this latest Eclipse).
Leaving see how they actually appeared icons Android SDK Manager and Android Virtual Device Manager, both in the toolbar and in the Window menu
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