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Good morning everyone! I would make my case to see if someone can help me.
On my laptop ASUS 17 "had installed windows 8 by default, updated to win 8.1.
Right off the bat Windows starts losing time every time you enter suspension.
After consulting many internet sources, I reach two probable conclusions:
a) The lithium battery has no charge Bios (and must be replaced so that the problem will go away)
b) Virus
After consulting with a family that is dedicated to making all kinds of things with operating systems, it tells me that he has changed the battery but the problem is not solved. He spent the antivirus and appear 2 or 3 virus Trojans drag the games and programs. But nothing major. Then he tells me if formatted. I say yes and told me that he had a hard time putting on Win 8 pro but he did it.
Currently there is still no solution to this problem. I wonder what you think you, wise men of this forum.
A greeting and thanks for your help in advance!
Any additional details that you may need to know that speak ye!

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Check if you have the date and time automatically updated. If so, try to disable it and see if that.
If you stop moving you to disable automatic update, I can think of two things: you have bad locale or you are missing the NTP server (default microsoft.windows.com) Choose one from the list to try.

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