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What can I do if I forgot the password for my iPhone

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1-When iPhone is locked? This happens after you enter an incorrect code six times in a row. At this time, the iPhone is turned off and even prevents you to continue with the access attempt for several minutes. Furthermore, the device will throw a message will say, "The iPone is disabled, try again in as many minutes." If this is you, stay calm, you will find the solution and know what to do if you forget the password for your iPhone.
2-To save a bit bad, you'd better try to remember the password. I know it may seem absurd and it is very probably already have tried but may not remember that you wrote down somewhere, that was a mixture birthday, you put a note on your computer key, or simply era 1 to 4. If you agotaste all tools that allow you to remember these four numbers and nothing worked, then follow step 3.
3-If you forget the password for your iPhone, you must delete the device using iTunes but this option will only allow you to keep your data and settings if you made one previous backup. If so, then follow these steps:
  • Connect iPhone as usual to your computer to be detected by iTunes.
  • If you connect iPhone to iTunes prompts you to insert code, try to connect your phone to another device where you have not configured and open iTunes.
  • Once iTunes recognizes your iPhone, sync your device.
  • When synchronization is complete you must press the "Restoring iPhone" button.
  • When iTunes asks you to configure the device, select the "Restore iTunes Backup" option.
  • Select the most recent backup copy.
  • After restoration is complete, you can reconfigure your iTunes and choose a new security code.

4-You can also try to try to use Find My iPhone. This application lets you erase your iPhone.

  • Icloud.com/#find visit the website and see if you have enabled this application.
  • Click on the option "All Devices".
  • Select the device corresponding to your iPhone and click on "Remove Device" to erase your phone and the code option as well.
  • Finally, use the setup wizard in your phone to install the latest security copy you have made.

5-The last alternative that you tell is to use the "Recovery Mode", which allows you to restore the iPhone like new with factory settings, then perform a backup:

  • Unplug the iPhone from any source of electrical energy and turn it off.
  • Press and let down the home button on your phone and simultaneously connect iPhone to iTunes.
  • The phone should turn on automatically, otherwise proceed to manually turn it.
  • Press and let down the home button until you verify on your computer screen that the iPhone is connected to iTunes.
  • iTunes will throw a message saying it has found an iPhone in "Recovery mode."
  • Select the "OK" button and begins to restore the device.
  • After the restoration, select the latest backup you have and reconfigure your iPhone and select a new password.
  • Preferably, write the new code in a book to prevent this from happening again.


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