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How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

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If you want to learn how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages , continue reading this article.

It has happened to all of us that, inadvertently, or sometimes on purpose, we delete messages from important conversations on WhatsApp. However, this is no longer a problem, here is the solution to recover those messages in simple steps.



Set up backup on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp application has a security system, which makes copies of your messages every day at dawn. So they are stored in the memory of the device, in a folder called Database. There are the most recent recent messages, up to 7 days past.

It is important that you allow the app to make these backup copies, so you will have the possibility to recover your messages in case of losing them. For this you can access WhatsApp - Settings - Chats - and enable Backup.

You can generally choose to make copies daily, weekly or monthly.

How to retrieve your most recent messages?

If it has not been more than a week since the messages were deleted, this method may be the solution you are looking for:

  • Delete the WhatsApp application.
  • Proceed to download it again.
  • When opening the app, press on the Restore option.

Your messages will reappear!

How to recover your oldest messages?

This is a slightly more tedious and complicated process, but it can still be of great help to recover lost WhatsApp messages.

1. Enter the Database folder

Open the file manager, and locate the Database folder in the WhatsApp application. Proceed to copy its content.

2. Make a backup of the folder

You can store or paste this folder on the desktop or other safe place on your computer. Since after this you must uninstall the WhatsApp application.

3. Pay attention to the following steps

Reopen the WhatsApp folder on your computer and proceed to delete a file titled "msgstore.db.crypt7" or in some cases called "msgstore.db.crypt8".

Then you must click on the folder that contains the backup copy of the messages you want to recover to change its name from "msgstore-Year-Month-Day.1.db.crypt7" to this other "msgstore.db.crypt7".

Without opening the application, install WhatsApp again, then you must connect via the USB cable to your phone by ordering and copying the msgstore.db.crypt7 folder in "WhatsApp / Database" on your phone.

4. Restore from WhatsApp

Finally, access the application, click "restore, and you have your old messages again.

Android Recovery application

If the previous steps seem tedious or have not worked for you, you can try using this program, which allows you to access old messages and files (images, audios and videos).

To use it you only need to have a computer and a data cable, within the app you can choose what data you want to recover.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iOS devices?

On iOS devices it is also possible to make backup copies of your WhatsApp messages , but for this it is extremely necessary that you have an account registered in iCloud. You must take into account the connection you are in, and if the size of the restoration is large it will take a while to get the restoration.

To do this you will have to enter the settings of the iOS device and access iCloud. Where you must activate the "Documents and Data" tab.

Make sure you have enough storage space on your device and in your account, and have a device with iOS 5.1 or later versions.

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