How to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp for Android

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How to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp for Android 

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In order to recover various data like WhatsApp Messages, Photos, Videos from android, I think the best way is use recovery tool, otherwise, it will cost much time to do so. I found this:

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If you want to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp for Android because they were important and did not mean to take away from the application then followed this little tutorial that I prepared for you. 
recover deleted messages in whatsapp android 
Below I will list the possibilities that you have to successfully accomplish your messages are not deleted. The guide has all the essentials so you can carry out the process without any problems and intuitively. 
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Steps to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp for Android 
Option 1 
Uninstall and install the messaging application. With this you can retrieve the latest chats because the tool automatically saves records to MicroSD Android. After re-installing the application you must choose the "Yes" option when you check on the recovery of your conversations. 
option 2 
If talks already have a considerable time and are not so recent have to do the following. If the messages were saved manually after changes or were sent or received before 4 am should restore the files of talks yesterday. 
If you choose to restore must take into account that there are only 7 days files saved chats, the new record is deleted in the recovery of the oldest conversation. 
Important: The most recent messages sent or received after this save history erased before the next time you will save not likely to be revived. This clarification should be taken into account. 
How to restore a log file 
1. Uninstall the application on your phone. 
2. Select I want to restore file and rename the file "MSGSTORE-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt" a "msgstore.db.crypt". 
3. Install WhatsApp and choose "Yes" when asked about the restoration. 
I hope I've been as helpful as I do. If you have any questions leave me your comments or query on social networks.
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This methods doesn't works for me,  it's too hard to use your method, instead, I used Mobiledic Android data rescuer application to retrieve my lost messages, contacts and whats app messages from my Android phone.
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If you want to restore Android WhatsApp Chat history, 

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