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What is the best browser for Android? Alternatives

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There are a lot of browsers for Android in the Play Store, the question is that we do not know which one to choose among so much variety. We can run into both the worst and the best, but we don't know for sure what we want if we don't try them.

Of course, it is not a secret that Google Chrome is the most widely used without a doubt (especially since it comes pre-installed on Android devices); But, it never hurts to give the alternatives offered by other developers a chance.

That is why, below, we have in detail a list led by the best browser for Android (according to the data) and its alternatives.


The best browser for Android and its alternatives

Before we get into the list, let's review some vital features that a browser needs to be able to compete with the best.

An ideal browser should: allow full configuration of security settings; be optimized and work only with useful plugins; be light; have an intuitive interface, be available on various platforms and be able to synchronize between them.

Now that we have an idea of ​​the minimum aspects that a good browser should have, let's assess for ourselves the ones shown below.

Google Chrome


If we take into account the points that we previously reviewed so that a browser is part of excellence, then we can say that the one developed by Google is the graphic description of that word.

The first feature that we are going to highlight about this browser is its multiplatform capacity together with the ease of synchronizing between devices; with our Google account, po demos have access to the same information in both mobile and computers .

As for security, Chrome stands out for its variety of options. On the one hand, it offers us the activation of an option known as " safe browsing ", which prevents access to pages that could harm our system and, on the other hand, it also has a " no tracking " function, which in a few words prevents pages from tracking us without consent.

Its performance is very fluid, it is true that on old devices, with few resources, it can feel a bit heavy but, in reality, it is a browser that is quite optimized. In the event that we do not have it installed on our device, we can download it from the Play Store.



Mozilla's creation, Firefox, is truly a diamond in the rough. The customization capacity of this browser is one of the most extensive , if not the most, compared to the competitors; From your own store, you can download Add-Ons of any type: different themes, ad blockers, speed optimizers, download accelerators, VPN, among many others.

Like Chrome, it is available on various platforms and the synchronization is quite simple because it is done through a Firefox account. If we talk about security, this browser is not far behind, since it also has an option that helps us avoid being tracked both in normal and incognito mode.

Similarly, it is possible to reject cookies from the pages visited and to delete private data each time we close the application. To test Firefox on our Android device, we only have to download it here.

Firefox focus


This browser is practically a limited version of Firefox, but specially made to keep us safe when doing spot searches (because you cannot open several tabs at the same time).

The privacy and security options of this browser are extensive and ALL are enabled , by default. Among them we have blocks of: screenshots; advertising, analytical and social trackers; JavaScript execution and web fonts. In addition, the elimination of cookies is an option that comes by default.

The bad thing about this browser is that it can be very difficult to use at first, for example, to exit a tab you have to click on a trash can icon, which will erase the browsing history completely and the private data inserted during that moment.

Firefox Focus is especially recommended for users who don't usually surf the Internet too much, but still care about their privacy. If we want to give it a chance, we will download it from its page on Google Play.

Opera image

The desktop version of Opera already has a reputation for working, and now its mobile version improves the overall experience, due to the synchronization between them.

Among the functions that we can enjoy with this browser are: saving passwords and data, auto-filling when paying online or completing forms, a way to save data so that our operator does not leave us bankrupt, a free VPN and an exclusive ad blocker .

In addition, a function that can be very helpful is the night mode , which unfortunately does not apply to the pages but to the application as such, but even so, it makes navigation more comfortable. If we want to give this excellent browser a try, we go to the Play Store through this link and download it

Dolphin Browser


Dolphin is a really interesting browser, it does not have a desktop version but it does have an account system called Dolphin Connect , with which we can log in to any other device to share history and bookmarks.

Dolphin Connect also allows us to save tabs in the cloud and open them on another phone or tablet. Its interface is really pretty and simple, and it can also be modified by downloading plugins from the app's own store.

The night mode this time is not lacking, but it is of the partial type, that is, it only darkens the browser bars but not the pages. If we start to describe more functions of its repertoire, we will find several interesting ones such as: an advertising blocker; a flash player; an option to change the search engine and, best of all, a unique fully customizable gesture system.

This gesture system works as follows: we can configure it so that by drawing a T, the browser will automatically take us to Twitter, if we draw a P, it will take us directly to PayPal ...

To download Dolphin, we just have to go to the PlayStore through this link.

The ideal browser depends on the user's tastes

This list has a variety of excellent browsers and begins by declaring that Google Chrome is best suited to the collective needs; But, only the user himself can decide which is the best for him, because everything is based on tastes and reasons for wanting to use a specific browser.

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