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How would you like the system of payment is implemented mods on Steam?


For that, after all the fuss that has been the subject of payment steam mods wonder
If you might have to implement it as you would?
For although the idea was not bad, I must admit that it has been poorly implemented because the control that has been this has been disastrous to the utmost.
Pondríais a kind of Light Steam pair decide that payment would be mods?
You would do in a way that if a user uploads a mod to show that he is the rightful creator?
And although they come and see me and come the typical bright comment to say "For me it was like one who is not implemented," you debatid users to see what what you think or what ideas can have.

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FREE implements as it has been all the P *** Life.
PD. Yes, today I woke up pissed.

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Aha! I was late and already said.

P.D .: Original comment of the year. We all come to the same thing. xD
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Voluntary and point donations is the only way to keep everything as it is.
BTW: creator of the mod 90%, 10% steam, the game makers to nothing, and pay them their share to buy the game.
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