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How to hide the apps you never use on your phone

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Already percataste when you bought your smartphone or your tablet with Android operating system had a few factory-installed applications on the device. And besides, you've surely tried to delete some and you will not have been. You're not the only nor that evidence or that fails. And it simply can not uninstall those apps that is already within the team, unless you go to technical issues they would jump the "armor" with which the terminals leave the factory.
Because the only way to eliminate it forever those applications is rooteando the phone, eliminating the safety shield including therein the manufacturer, which allow us to enter into the heart of the team and manage its functions and software.
Sometimes it becomes really easy to do, but others must follow very complex processes, but for those who are not too knowledgeable in matters of this kind, better not try, because there is a great risk to erase all the contents of your phone. Also, if we lose all rooteamos a device manufacturer's warranty, obviously.
Nor is it the case, but something has to do, because we're going to self refer to these apps, that sometimes we have no intention to use and, as we shall see as time goes on, we will not use or ever need.
We are not referring to applications "wardrobe" as may be the email, YouTube app or Google Maps, we mean that we placed the manufacturer or sometimes the operator.
Well, for those not you can undo as those that you have downloaded you (we remind you later how the latter uninstall).
Different in each model
What if we hide these icons of those apps that neither use nor'll never use? That much we can do, and at least have the feeling of having what we want and not have to endure those icons filling the screen.
Let us consider, before you start, that each phone is somewhat different from the others when to follow these guidelines on how to do this or that in Android. And we have noticed that some teams do not have the option to hide icons that we will see below. We will explain the basis of how we do in our Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and knowing that in other models like the Note 2, the S3 or S4 function is the same as in our device.
From the Home screen, open the main menu, see below the option of hiding applications. We opened there and are ready to select those that want to stop having just ahead.
Selecting those that want to eliminate
Let us, first, to go to the main screen, one in which we see the icons of our applications. Once there, we have only touched on the phone menu button, and a list of options, which we will see that we will use are open. At the end of that relationship we see "Hide applications."
We touched on this feature and see what we show all the icons of the apps we have installed on your phone, whether of origin or that we have downloaded. We see that in each there is a black recuadrito. If we touch on any of them, we note that is selected (the can deselect doing the same).
Once we scored we want to hide, we will touch on "Done" and disappear from view.
But what happens with smartphones that do not have this option? As usual whenever we perform an action that the phone does not include it, let's go to the Play Store looking for an application that fulfills that mission.
And is not it a specific app for that: surely have heard of the "launchers" which are nothing more than programs that put apps on the screen and create shortcuts for us to access quickly to the different functions or applications.
And is that Google is not the only one with a launcher for Android, and also the others do that often include the function to hide apps icons.
We will be selecting the applications you want to remove from the screen. Once selected, tocarmeos Finish disappear.
A launcher as an option
Nova Launcher is one you can download totally free and with which we will get what we want. Once you have it installed, open it and you import all you can about your current home screen.
Now, the next time you hit the start button, the system will ask you if you want to go the main interface with the launcher of the phone itself or if you want to do with Nova Launcher. Choose Nova Launcher. (If you do not want to ask you this team every time you touch the start button, you can skip this indicating that the option is forever.
Then go to Settings and in "Drawer" you will find the option to hide applications "Hide Apps", which means that wherever you will no longer scroll through apps until you find the one you want, because you'll be able to remove the screen those who are no more than mere decoration.
Other Launchers, such as the case of Launcher Pro or ADW also have this option, but we recommend Nova Launcher by results given in all aspects.
Nova Launcher is one of the apps that we will provide the function of hiding applications, if our phone is not in it.
Well, you have seen how easy it is to remove it once and for all so boring those icons that do nothing but hinder the selection of applications when handling the phone.
We have seen that not all phones have the option as native function, but always have these launchers that we can lend a hand.

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