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What to do if the iPhone Falling Water?

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Your iPhone is dropped into water / wet with liquid? You may have under ...

It may sound like the following lines. Your iPhone (perhaps a iPhone5 ?) was wet , accidentally dropped your water, you've thrown into the pool without remember he wore in the pocket or simply one of your dear "friends" you have wet at the party without thinking about the possible consequences ... bad business!

When you repair an electronic device in over 600 € is wet may be too late , or maybe not really work ?, trick rice to dry ?, certainly worth trying (not least because the Apple warranty does not cover this type of mistakes). Let's see what are the right to try to have damages possible minor steps.

Things you should do immediately if your iPhone, unfortunately, falls into the water

iphone save water fall

  1. The first and most obvious is to get the iPhone from contact with the water immediately , every second counts.
  2. Turn iPhone off immediately pressing the button until shutdown.
  3. Get it out of any housing or case in which you take it. Screen savers can leave them unless you see "water bubbles".
  4. Dry the device with whatever you have on hand, shirt, cloth, socks, any dry cloth valid. Clean screen, side, rear, and pays special attention to the power buttons, Home, volume and of course slots speakers, microphones, etc., try to remove any moisture that you are able to see.
  5. Use a cotton swab to absorb water from the audio outputs and small cracks. If you do not have one, a toothpick or thin pencil to access moisture such cracks may also work.
  6. Disconnect headphones, chargers, USB cables or accessories immediately.

Once we removed all visible moisture, it is time to introduce the iPhone in rice.

Put the iPhone in a sealed bag with rice

What you need:

  • A zip-lock bag or the like that is airtight.
  • Rice, of any kind.
  • Patience for the next 36 hours.

Put the terminal in the sealed bag and thoroughly bathe it with rice, which is well covered, and seal the bag with some air inside.

save iphone falling water 1

Usually any rice will work, but you'd better try to avoid enriched rice, allowing some powder residue on your iPhone that ends getting into all slots and might even be counterproductive. The theme of patience is more complicated, usually the result will be better the longer you stay submerged rice before attempting to light , any time might work, but it is advisable to at least the 36 hours of "rest".

Success! It has saved Water

Once past the 36 hour minimum, and if not suspect that may still be residual moisture inside the iPhone, it's time to turn it on as usual.

Clearly, not all situations are equal. Whenever you fall into fresh and plain water is more likely to survive than if it falls into (more corrosive) saltwater or that the invader is a soft drink (much more sticky residue left after passing). But if the iPhone has managed to dry, should have no problem.

Check Water damage / liquid contact sensors

After it dries completely check out the contact sensors with liquid iPhone brings everything and turn red once come into contact with liquid. Depending on your model these sensors are located in different places. In the next picture you can know the exact location.

save iphone falling water 2

If liquid sensors are activated, it is bad news, but the fine print of the policy of water damage includes some indulgence. With a little kindness and even though the iPhone has gone through rice after a swim in the pool, you can be lucky to qualified service Apple.

Something does not work well on my iPhone after the fall of the water, what I can do?

After the experiment rice to remove moisture from the iPhone, and if the service warranty does not want to charge, these are the four possible faults:

  • The Home button does not respond , you can try to re-calibrate or set the virtual button.
  • The audio output is dead , there is no simple way to repair by us. It would be necessary to open the device and see what components are affected.
  • Volume buttons, mute button and power button does not work , you can get by without volume and mute buttons, as both options are available via software. The power button if it's a problem if you do not respond, so do not allow the iPhone to shut down completely.
  • Decreased responsiveness of the touch screen , depending on the severity this may be tolerable or terrible. Sometimes replacing a help screen, but others are not, since the problem can be deeper than just damage to the LCD screen.

If there were liquid damage, you can always try to bring the iPhone to Apple and we try to change or repaired free of charge, without AppleCare chances are rather slim. The standard warranty does not cover water damage and accidents in general. There are always exceptions or maybe the cost of repair is acceptable, anyway, always worth a try.

iPhone and water or liquids are not usually good friends...

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