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restore fix error 1611
How to fix an error 1611 iphone 4S?

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That problem is complicated to fix. I've managed to fix in Iphone 3, but have not tried on IPhone 4. I will try to explain it:
We start from 0, recently on the computer.
1. You add the host where you have indicated above.
2.Abres itunes and install the same version you had, remember control + shift
3.Though error you successfully installed, you open a program called Timumbrella.
4.Seleccionas your device and you give Fix recovery
5.Se reset and ready, like the first day.
If you have any questions, send me an privadomy hacer.Porque can see that another solution is that I Mandaras and could fix me, but would do what I have explained to you, do.
Good luck and I will fix reading a lot on forums and tutorials.
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this is what I get on the screen of IREB when I want to follow the steps:
your device is now in a state PWNED DFU (black screen)
You May launch itunes now ando do SHIFT + restore to custom firmware.
Note: if you get error 2003 in iTunes after extracting.
just unplug / replug it in and do it again
Forgive the insistence but I can help. Thank You
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