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I pass on to detail my problem. 
I have two years ago the phone and the battery was lasting me two hours. Before replacing and even with the new I bought the following happens: 
When I low battery (20%) is the symbol shown on the picture (kind of traffic sign "No Parking" but without the E) and then I get the screen starts flashing a few seconds until it finally goes off. I try to turn it and no way to turn if you do not plug in to the mains. When you turn on the battery is at 0% and if I unplug switches off. I thought it was the battery problem but changed (for one that is not original) and is still happening. 
Have any idea that I could be?? Someone will it happen? 
I am root and I got the latest version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. 
Hopefully you can help me. 

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Hello friend know I like you I have the same problem also buy battery you change kernel several times I put the jelly bean the ice cream sandwich rom stock and nothing, also I lose my signal starts parpadearme screen and die even ami me to 60% of dead battery or 40-something and I have to turn it ke to applying power in battery goes to 0% the equipment is in good condition and open the complete revised and cleaned him and somo done and multiple users who are having problem with galaxy s2 and read on various forums and the same problem quisas either via hardware and software that made ​​it is lot of changes as a problem of volaje or changing the signal band and you are going and dies and edges that make hell if I find any solution I write again and if you find any write like friend =)

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Good, I tell them. 
I had a similar problem, I went out the warning icon next to the battery and not turn unless degas connected via USB or wall. 
The way around this is to buy a new flex (where charge and plug the usb) sells full plate. 
I got on ebay and bought a kit to disarm the cellular and change the board. 
now, works great ...... from what I read, going on all S2 after a period of use. 
if you want, I pass the link of felx I bought  because if one trucho compraun, you might get in trouble! 
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Hello, I would change the plate load pin and let me grab the signal is in E or sign prohibited. It might be a problem of the new plate as the previous had no problem with the signal. 
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