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I updated my two Iphones (5S and 6) when I want to send pictures from whatsapp I get the message "Whatsapp not allowed active .............." is not itself the problem is Whatsapp or last update, is not alone happens to me or anyone has noticed or have not looked well or I was, the fact is that is a fucking because how easy it was to send photos from any of my devices because the photos made in one another's could see without having to pass them through ITunes. So I go to you to know whether there is a solution or should I do. Thanks for listening and I hope someone me a little light.

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It is a problem of yours, some flaw in your whatsapp, enter settings and activate the backup, then delete the watsapp and re-download it from the app store.
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Your tv have IOS 8.1 and lets you send photos by strearming?
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if I have 8.1 and if I send photos,
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I just did what you said and nothing, I still can send photos strearming and I only happens in Whatsapp, with Line and WeChat not pass me let me send them smoothly
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Greetings I have a problem in my iPhone 5 does not send imail
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To me it happened to me once and I had to restore it, I happened to WhatsApp and iMessage. What I did was make a backup to iCloud and iTunes (to keep everything) and restore factory, there is reconfigured me everything and it worked like that.
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