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Whatsapp started to block Whatsapp Plus users account, how to recover accounts?

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Third party applications not allowed

Some time ago WhatsApp started blocking the accounts of users who used third-party applications to use your account WhatsApp. These applications are developed by other users, and serve to add some functionality to the application, customize it, or use it from your computer, for example. Recently, in fact, talking about one of these applications.However, it seemed that WhatsApp Plus, it merely allows modify colors, appearance and little else, got rid of this blockade. That was what it seemed, as users are saying and take account lockouts. To this must be added the fact that WhatsApp has added questions frequencies of your web page section: "Why have suspended me for using WhatsApp Plus and how I can revoke the suspension?". This clearly shows that WhatsApp Plus is one of the unapproved applications, and as explained in the response company not approve any application, because they can not ensure the security of it.

How to recover account?

In principle, there is nothing complicated again using our WhatsApp account. Users who have received an account lockout found that did not meet the Terms of Service, have a blockage in your account within 24 hours. Therefore, all you have to do is download the official application WhatsApp, either from the website of the company, or from Google Play, and uninstall the previous application also expect the respective blocking time.This way you'll be able to use WhatsApp. We doubt WhatsApp making permanent blockages or last very long because that would be bad for them. However, it seems that begins to be possible to use WhatsApp from an application other than the original. And nobody loves the idea of ​​not being able to use the app for a full day.

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