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Grave error updating windows 8 to 8.1

Proce upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. After a long process, I get a blue screen with a message that says there has been an error in your PC needs to be restarted. We will collect information about the error and then will automatically restart.
This page alternates with a black screen with the symbol of windows in blue.
Find no way to reset it.
If I took a workshop and I reinstalled the windows 8 windows perdere license?
What to do?
These new pc as my case samsung not bring recovery CD.
A greeting.
Thank You.

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Hi, I have the same problem and started so well after my computer without my permission is upgraded to Windows 8.1.
Today was slow to start because they said it was not updating it, and now every time I try to turn it on samsung logo, the windows, and then the same text that says failed to start appears to me .... but never load.
Model will be a problem ?? Mine is a np270e5e.
If you obtenes a solution, appreciate if you can communicate it.
Thank you and I hope your problem (and mine) are solved.
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Hello, I think I understood half. you can not start windows right?
as well decis, do not bring these pc cd recovery, but a recovery partition that would come fulfilling the same function.
when you start the pc and do the bios check, you'll probably appear samsung screen. appears when you press the pause button on the notebook and read the options it gives you. surely it is eg f2 f11 boot menu menu bios and stuff. select the one that says recovery or something like that.
That will be taking a series of steps to recover your windows as it was manufactured. generally brings options to not lose the files but you better use the option to reinstall from 0 because it is less likely to bring post-repair faults.
I hope you serve and understand well. consultations me anything.
oh and jime is no ill will. but not allowed to post your problem in a thread that opened another person, if you want to open a thread for help with the same no problem.
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We are many with this problema.Hoy ends up taking the pc where a technician and not to fully restore CD responde.Esta bloqueado.El technician suggested I would ddejara. It is a Samsung Ativ NP900X3E
Desperate not find solution to damage my laptop.
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the technician told you?
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ah, great technical xD
but I did not say that? if it was a dysfunctional component, or something like that?
you tried to make the recovery?
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samsung tecnician.
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