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How to use Ufw, Linux firewall

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The quintessential Linux firewall is iptables. This firewall allows you to configure line at all connections that we accept in our computer and all you want to block for security reasons. However, iptables is fairly complicated for inexperienced users so Canonical Ubuntu 8.04 published a new module called UFW simplifying the use of iptables and allowed configured from a terminal various aspects of the firewall.
Some users felt that UFW was still quite complicated to use, so that developed Gufw, a graphical interface for configuring without much difficulty UFW easily from GUI without using complicated command lines for it.
Gufw use is simple. The first thing to do is install it on your system. for this type out:
sudo apt-get install gufw
Once installed we can start setting the rules. The first thing you see when you start the firewall will be similar to the following interface:
As we can see, we have multiple profiles that you can configure to configure firewall as our location, for example, specific rules for home and other for work. We will also see a switch from which we can easily turn on and off our firewall and the ability to select global rules for all traffic in and out.
If you click on the "rules" we can set new rules to our firewall. These rules can be configured through a series of presets (available categories and programs associated with those categories) who lead the default settings and ports that use the settings.
We can also choose if we want to manually configure basic form the new rule.
Or use the advanced settings which is much more complete to create the rule.
In the "informs listening" we are able to see a list of all applications that are using the network and connections that these are set remotely.
Finally, in record we can see a list of everything that happens in our firewall.
As we can see, it is very easy to manage our integrated through Gufw Linux graphical firewall. Definitely a great tool to further increase the security of Linux systems.
Are you Gufw user? How about this application?
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