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How to sync a Sony Xperia Mac and transfer information from an iPhone?

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When you connect an Android device to a Mac operating system 's response is "the computer does not read the disc inserted " , you probably have a problem of incompatibility. In Zonamovilidad what we observed in our tests the Xperia Z , the new Sony team , and after consultation , the company has presented us with Bridge , a software that facilitates the synchronization of these devices.
The first thing I recommend you do is disable the installation of software that attempts to make the device to the computer for it to connect when the welcome message we present Software PC Companion , mark the box " do not ask me again " and skip . Then , after installing Bridge, proceed to open the application, and wait for the computer to sync .
In our tests we found that if we have the microSD card enabled, the software only shows what it contains, so if you want to see is the device memory , we go to Settings / Storage Smartphone, disable , and restart the application on your computer , to take the memory.
Among the options include the possibility to transfer all the files from an iPhone backup , create copies of Xperia device , as well as music from iTunes and photos from iPhoto.
Bridge, a perfect tool for those who have decided to leave the iPhone and ' dive ' in Android Xperia experience with the family, and in our case , the Xperia Z.
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