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Hello, I have the following problem, I have a xiaomi mi max 3 with android 8.1 and I try to make mirror link with the application easy connect to the screen of the car double din with android 8.0

And I get the following message:

The software does not get the legal authorization! Contact the prveedir please.

I've done the activation of the developer's options and activate the debugging usb

Thanks in advance.

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Well then no idea, you have to resort to the house of the brand of the car or mobile phone, perhaps it is incompatible or have to install something that escapes us, I feel I can not help you more ...

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After activating debugging, did you restart the mobile?
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Hi. Yes, restart the Android phone and screen, but nothing, the message persists! Although in one of the tests I got another message.
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by chance the easy connect application is paid or free? Have you asked the brand of the car, if it supports that application?
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