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Hi, I hope everyone is well.

The question is that I am urged to forget the password of my cell phone since I only unlocked it with the fingerprint and one day it was restarted and asked for the password. As I did not know it and after so many failed tests I decided to do a hard reset all right until I realized that I had no network. Already seen many tutorials some talk about roaming and my cell does not let me access it. They also talk to me about searching the network, they also tell me that it is impossible to connect and call my phone and they tell me that neither the imei nor the one without which I have tried on another phone and function well is reported. I'm already desperate for someone to guide me.

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Do you mean the network in general or just your internet service? if only the internet is connected to a Wi-Fi network and you can download Internet and mms settings, if it is the network in general (ie no calls) you need to reinstall the entire operating system, I do not know what your device is, but for example Sony has the PC Companion that reviews the details of the equipment and looks for the right rom with everything and the company, almost all the marks have some similar restoration application, if you can pass more details?

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