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I've been with the phone for a couple of days, and I do not know if it's my phone's problem or that it's the S9 +.
The volume of the ringing bell and the notifications, still putting it to the maximum, sounds low, I thought it was the loudspeaker problem, but when I listen to music for them, it sounds good and strong, but when receiving notifications and calls I do not know, compared to a XZ2 is very noticeable, not to mention if I compare it with my wife's iphone.
For example, as always in my Galaxy S, I have put as notification tone the bottle openner, because it really sound good and strong, this has been since I had the S6, with the S7, S7 edge and S8 (this less than the previous ones)
Is there a parameter to modify this? Do I look to download other tones that sound louder? Does anyone else have this?


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Have you tried adding a custom song or tone that you see sounds good to the tone selector? Let's see if it keeps happening.

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I have mine since March and I and many people have the same problem. It is not solved with any update, so it's a matter of feeling it vibrate in your pocket
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I thought it just happened to me, dog seems to be common. It happens to me the same, looking for songs that are heard loudly to find out about the calls
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To me the calls work well, the general problem is only in the notifications and more than anything whatsapp
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I have version 9650 and hairs 4 months of use sounds very good. I hope. I do not fail
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First I reviewed the forum in case it had already been commented and I have not found anything and now I see that it is quite common.
I do not understand how they can leave the volume of notifications so low.
I'm at home, with the phone in the room, because I'm going to another room and I do not hear the calls or messages, well if I hear the smartwatch, but if I take it off, nothing at all, that is, the my wife's iphone you find out you're still at the other end of the house.
It seems an important shit.
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Another one here with the same sensations ... from the first moment I buy it.
I think it is more problem of the ease with which you can plug the main speaker and the low volume that these samsung have assigned certain tones that we have to choose as a melody of notifications that of the terminal speaker.

In my case that I use glove-type covers I had to turn the s9 + inside the case (so that the main speaker is on the top instead of the bottom) since I did not know of any type of notification and call. After this little "napa" the truth is that I get to know almost everything that comes to my s9 +.

That if a little more chicha to the tones of both notification and calls would have come from pearls.
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Nothing, I'm looking for tones with high volume, because of those who carry the phone are saved a couple and still I see insufficient.
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