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I Can Not Connect Wi-Fi on Meizu X8

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1. Activate Airplane Mode
Wi fi does not connect to androidWhen Wi-Fi issues start appearing on Android, one of the first steps that must be followed is to enable Airplane Mode on the device. This simple action usually resolves the situation in many cases and does not take much time from the user.

You only need to drag the Android screen up and down and click on Airplane Mode to enable it, which will make Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth and 3G) automatically turn off. After a few seconds, click again to turn it off and have Wi-Fi back on. In general, your connection should return to normal after this quick procedure.

2. Restart the device.
If Airplane Mode does not help you, then it's best to try restarting your Android device yourself. In older versions of the operating system, the "Restart" option appears when you leave the power button pressed for a few seconds.

If you have a newer version of Android, you may only see the "Turn off" option, which is the same way if you turn on the device manually after a few seconds. Anyway, this can also help in most cases you come across some Wi-Fi issues.

3. Restart the router
Wi-Fi on Android If none of the above options is advanced, it may be that the problem is not being caused by your system or device, but the internet used. You can test the connection when using it on other devices, but it is possible until the problem is specifically happening between the router connection with your smartphone.

A good way to resolve this is by restarting the router. To do this, simply unplug the appliance for one minute and then plug it in again. With that done, test the Wi-Fi connection of your Android smartphone one more time and see if the procedure solved the problem.

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