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Hello, I hope you can help me. At night, when I turn off the mobile, it has a 65% battery. In the morning, when turning it on, it has 52%. After a few moments, it goes out. When I connect with the charger (original) it tells me that the battery is at 0%.
Does anyone find an explanation? It does not occur to me if I leave the battery 100% at night and turn off the terminal.

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Friend apparently the battery has internal damage; my recommendation is that the caliber to see if it manages to register the real percentage of it, in the Play Store there are many applications to calibrate battery.
On the other hand charge it 100% and after that give it 15 more minutes of charge and when it is discharged to 0 turn it on and turn it off constantly until the battery has no charge at all and then reloads it 100%, if it is a calibration problem with this it must be solved otherwise you will have to choose a new one.

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Hi, thanks for your advice. I'll try it, and if it does not work, it will not be my turn to buy a new battery ...
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