How to install games apk + sd data?

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asked Jan 14, 2014 in Android by danilo (11,290 points)
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I have lost a few games, I have the apk + 500mb datossd near that place an android ---> route data ---> gameloft, but nothing happens, the game asks me oncreate descargardatos, I will release what with atrix of the wifi off all the time .. and I art: (

android365 apk datafilehost

how to install apk and sd data

Install Android Games with Apk and SD Data

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answered Jan 14, 2014 by serena

something similar happens to me. I have a razr maxx. I accept the apk application, but I do not accept apk games.
what the hell happens? gets stuck on downloading ..

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answered Jan 14, 2014 by damman buhaar
Step by step how to install the game using APK and data: Download the game that you want to install. Install / run. Apk after the download complete select “DONE”. Move the game data to target folder location install/run the apk file of apps / games-a, after the progress is done select “open”. When it`s asking for Download data just leave it , you can simply press the “HOME”. run the “file explorer” and insert the data in the target folder. Install / run again the game-a apk. After it`s done select “open”, if it the choice for Download data appears select “YES” (make sure you are connected WIFI), while the progress the download is running the range of 2-5%, cancel it. You only need the application make the target folder in your memory card. Move the data-a to target location Run applications.
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