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How to  upgrade LG G3 Android 5.0 Lollipop

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Good news for users of LG G3 (d855). And is that the users of a free LG G3 or some operators can now upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop. They have done today through its official forums and LG's official website.
A few weeks ago it was announced that the OTA reach the LG Lollipop free G3, but it was not until today that a manufacturer, in this case an operator has confirmed the arrival of the official OTA to the latest version of Android.
UPDATE: A couple of days later, the LG itself announced the update free LG G3.
LG G3 interface changes slightly to take the details of Material Design in some sections as we have already seen. The appearance has nothing to do with the stock Android, but the interface Optimus UI with Android 5.0 brings a fresh certainly one of the major air terminals 2014.
How to upgrade to Android 5.0 LG G3 Lollipop 
Free LG G3
From your mobile phone you can check manually in Settings> About phone> Software update.
To install the OTA (523 MB) version of Lollipop V20e Vodafone have several options as we discussed in the forum.
From the phone (FOTA) and via WiFi. You can manually check Settings> About phone> Software update.
O cable using a computer with the USB cable and LG PC Suite program.
We report that the users of the LG G3 Orange are also getting Android 5.0 Lollipop, however we have not received any official communication (although promised arrival). To upgrade will have to follow the same steps above.
In short, more terminals are incorporating Lollipop. We will update this post as the various operators announce their update Lollipop.
Already hath come unto you? Do you have any non-Nexus terminal that received?

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Some time ago we knew the latest flagship LG would be the first devices to receive a dose of lollipop, but it was not until a few days ago when updating the LG G3 sold by Vodafone announced interestingly even before free versions of the terminal.
It is a fact that we seldom seen, and LG itself has wanted to remedy soon announcing today finally officially upgrade to Android 5.0 LG Lollipop for G3 in our country.
Clearly, this announcement affects only the aforementioned free version of the device, so now the firmware based on Android 5.0 for the LG G3 is available for free terminals and also to those sold by Vodafone. The others will have to wait a while longer.
For now, the update is not distributed via OTA as usual, but must be installed using the LG PC Suite is an application that Koreans have developed as a center of syncing their devices with your computer.
Among the new features the entire cast of the new version of Android, personalized yes with minimalist and colorful interface LG, which has further improved the functions of unlocking or multitasking.
Update your LG Lollipop G3 Android 5.0 is as simple as following step by step guide that LG itself has prepared for it, so we encourage you to try it and leave us your impressions in the comments.
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