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How to take a screenshot on Lg Phones

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Taking screenshots on LG  is very simple. However, you have to know what the tricks are. That's why I bring you a brief tutorial so you can learn how to make screenshots in LG  easily and quickly.

Method 1: Compatible with all Android

  • What we must do to make screenshots in this way will be the following:
  • At the same time, we will press the Power button and the volume Down button at the same time. 
  • Next, we will see how the capture is done with an animation effect.
  • Afterwards, we can access the capture from the gallery to see them.

Method 2: Take screenshots on LG 

  • To accomplish this, you must download the notification bar and press on Capture + in the quick settings. This not only takes a screenshot, but you can edit this; that is, you can draw, write on it, cut it and even delete parts. When you finish you just have to save it in your gallery.

These two options that appear to us are to save the screenshot in two different ways:

The first one that appears, QuickMemo +, is LG's own notes program; while the Gallery option is the fastest and the one that I, without a doubt, recommend.
If we choose to save the capture in the image gallery, it will be saved as a normal photo.
And that's how screen captures are made in LG. We hope that it has served you well.

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