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(Galaxy Mini S5) How to set my fingerprint as lock screen?

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It is recommended that we use to record our tracks fingers: thumb, index and middle, to confirm that the fingerprint scanner fully recognized. They are also more use fingers when using our phone, so we will be more comfortable unlock the screen.
- Before, go make sure the device screen and you want to use your fingers are clean and dry.
- If you have a screen saver scanner may not work properly.
- The device may not recognize fingerprints that are affected by wrinkles or scars.
  What we must do to access fingerprint scanner function of our Galaxy Mini S5 is the following:
1- We click on "Applications" to access the applications menu. app
2- We play on "Settings" to enter the menu of ajustes.ajustes
3- slide your finger on the screen up until "Scan fingerprint" appears and select it. We are in the application
We can register up to three different tracks, doing so is very simple:
1. In the "fingerprint scanner" application, we pressed on "Adminis fingerprint".
2. On a video that will show you how and where we swipe our choice to record the trace is displayed.
3. We need to introduce the footprint eight times. If we do it incorrectly the application itself we indicate.
Note: The finger should be straight and parallel to the phone.
4. Once the mark is registered, the application will ask us to "Let us introduce a password as an alternative to our fingerprints". We'll have to put the password twice.
Note: It is important to remember this password, because it is the alternative to the mark if we can not enter or scanner is not recognized.
5. The phone will now access the "Select screen lock" where we have to choose "fingerprint" to establish that we have registered as a security measure and that no one other than us to access the phone.
6. The "fingerprint" have been recorded.
1. In the "fingerprint scanner" application, we pressed on "Adminis fingerprint".
2. A new window will ask you to enter our alternative fingerprint or password as a security measure appears.
3. In the administrator fingerprint traces show us that we recorded, we can do at most three fingers.
4. In the upper right part of the window click on the settings button to display the options of the application, and then select "Unsubscribe".
5. Now we select the footprint you want to delete. Once we have clicked on it will turn blue and the top "Selected" appears. Then we only touch on the trash icon in the upper right corner.
6. A popup will warn us that the "footprint will be removed." Click on "OK" if we agree and this phone will be erased.


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