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Hi, in other terminals could hide apps is it possible in the s7? If so, could you tell me how to do it?

Thanks in advance

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in the application screen above right you give to edit and all applications are put with the minus symbol you touch the one you want to hide and now

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It makes me "want to uninstall this application"
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if you give the symbol - it is uninstalled
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look to see if it serves you
Private Mode

Since our mobile is like our temple, we have things in it that we want to hide from curious eyes, especially if we have to lend the smartphone to someone, or simply take it without permission and want to gossip what it has. In Settings> Privacy and Security> Private Mode we can not only activate this function, but also configure which apps or data we want to be private, and protect them by means of a Pin code, a gestural pattern or a numeric password or with the fingerprint.

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Maybe with the launcher that comes from the factory you can not. From the first day I have the Nova launcher and it lets you hide applications.
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I did it with the launcher of origin bone the touch wiz or as it is written but in the s7 it is not possible I think it has to see the version of android in this case 6.0 in which it was 5.1
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I have the Package Disabler Pro app and it works great, it allows you to freeze any application and they are no longer displayed on the applications screen.

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