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Google Play Store errors and solutions


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Google Play Store “Error 491″

The problem is not being able to download and update apps.

Solution to error 491 in the Google Play Store

Delete your Google account, go to the settings of your device, go to accounts and then to Google. Click to delete the account. Restart your Android and add the account again. Then, in the configuration go to Applications and click find "All" applications. Scroll down to the services of Google, click delete data and finally forced.

Google Play Store “Error 498″

The problem is the interruption of downloads from the store Google Play.

Solution to error 498 in the Google Play Store

The problem is that the device cache memory is full. Remove applications and unneeded files that can help. Restart your smartphone into recovery mode by pressing the low power and home button (for devices from Samsung) volume. This mode offers some options. Select delete cache partition to navigate through the options with the volume control. Confirm with the power button.

Another method would go to system settings >> Accounts >> Google >> delete your Gmail account. Since the configuration >> Applications >>All >> Force stop , clear data and cache for Google Play Store . Again , go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google >> Add to your Gmail account .Restart the android and then accept all the terms of Google and configuration settings Google . Run Google Play Store and update or install the latest application. The you can find on our home page.

Google Play Store “Error 919″

The problem is that the download does not work with any application, nor can open once downloaded.

Solution to error 919 in the Google Play Store

There is simply no more space on your Android phone. Remove all unnecessary data such as music, video or large applications.

Google Play Store “Error 413″

The problem is that downloading apps or updates are made ​​impossible. If you use a proxy, remember that this can cause problems with the operation of the Google Play Store.

Solution to error 413 in Google Play Store

In Settings, press locate programs, and then go to everything. Scroll down to the services of Google and tap clean the data and then force stop. Do the same with the application Google Play Store and delete the cache of your browser.

Google Play Store “Error 923″

The problem is that an error message when you synchronize your Google or the cache memory is insufficient.

Solution to error 923 in the Google Play Store

Delete your Google account and delete all unnecessary applications that just take up space. Then restart the device in recovery mode. Select wipe cache partition and begin your device as usual. Do not worry; no personal data will be deleted. Configure your Google account once again.

Google Play Store “Error 921″

We do not know yet that causes this problem, but we have the solution.

Solution to error 921 in the Google Play Store

Try deleting the memory application cache Google Play Store. If this fails, delete all application data Google Play Store , but please note that this will consequently remove all values ​​that have already done. As a last resort, delete your Google account, restart the device and enter again.

Google Play Store “Error 403″

This problem usually occurs when two Google accounts are used to purchase applications in a single device.

Solution to error 403 in the Google Play Store

Enter the Google Play Store and set the correct account. Uninstall the application. Then try to get the application from Google Play again and click the buy button.

Google Play Store “Error 492″

The problem is that it is impossible to install an application due to Dalvik cache.

Solution to error 492 in the Google Play Store

Go to Settings, find programs, and then slide all and scroll down to Google services. Here select wipe data and then force the shutdown. Do the same in the application Google Play Store . If the problem persists, try clearing the Dalvik cache. To do so, enter the custom recovery mode (only if the root). Another solution is to complete a reset factory data erasing. This option applies to all users and can be done in recovery mode. Be careful, because if cleaned data make sure you have a copy of everything you want to keep.

Google Play Store “Error 927″

The problem we have also unknown.

Solution to error 927 in Google Play Store

Wait a few minutes until the Google Play Store is fully updated. If the problem persists, go to Settings, Applications, go to All re-clean all data and then force stop. Do the same with the application Google Play Store.

You've probably guessed by now that there is no standard way to alleviate some of these mistakes and if there is a problem other than those mentioned above, you could try to follow the same steps. Always be careful when cleaning the data or do a clean factory, this keep your saved photos, files, contacts, but be sure to make a backup of all your data beforehand.

Google Play Store “Error 920″

The problem happens here is that it could not download a complication .

Solution to error 920 in Google Play Store

Turn off the Wi-Fi, then turn on the Wi-Fi once and try to run the Google Play Store and install or update the application. If this method does not work, try Settings >> Accounts >> delete your account from Google synchronized with Google Play. Restart the phone and add your account to Google again in the configuration. Alternatively, add an account different.

If still nothing works, go to Settings >> Applications >> tab " All " Click Google Play Store >> clear cache and data. And from the same tabuninstall Google Play . Restart your phone , open Google Play Store and install the application.


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