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Hello everyone, I wanted to buy a mobile range alta.Soy heavy user, maybe I overuse of media and juegos.Del lg g3 love the aesthetics, very accomplished display, which works for me very well to play and watch videos but the battery issue made me back a little, if not exaggerated, but not how many hours would hold the terminal screen playing and watching videos, and it is said that the housing is easily broken, like the pantalla.Del note 3 strikes me your screen, and its flow but do not know how comfortable es.No have big hands, and not the truth as it would be using the terminal daily, otherwise all convince me. xperia z2, love the design, its baterĂ­a..pero not know to what extent does the touch screen keypad because I've heard the screen stays at 4'9 inches, and I do not know if I would be small. Thanks and regards.



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Thanks folks, yesterday I went to MediaMarkt and tried all 3 devices, and I decided to stay with the Xperia z2, honestly, I did not imagine the screen and the '' big '', because I thought it would be great diferencias.En few days I'll ask by PcComponentes.

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The resolution of the G3 is fabulous, but do not go to watch videos or play 2K. What it breaks easily I can not tell you. A friend you have, the cap having trase cover for the screen, was given a good fall and nothing happened mobile. Just another person in the first fall, was part of the glass.

To view content, and play, the best of which is the appointment Note 3, for your screen. Besides the stilus gives a tremendous mobile life. Does size matter? Well then, perhaps the best advice is to go to a MierdaMarkt, El Corte Ingles, Fnac etc and you see him, you will have in the hand etc. It is not the same as having him in possession, because they have the fucking balls alarmita clogging, but at least you get the idea.

And with respect to Z2, do not worry about the pushbuttons on the screen. For, Whatsapp, Twitter etc menu, you do have the button-down. True, eating around a 0.1 inch screen, but it is very negligible. I have the Z and not hinder me. Also, when viewing photos, videos and games in full screen, the buttons are removed in order to be useful the whole 5 inches and resolution in addition to the notification bar. For photos and videos, to touch the screen again, needless to display the buttons again. Indeed, with Android 4.4 have included a "tool" for this sort of thing. When you're watching a video or playing, things that take up the entire screen, just swipe to the top, where it is hiding the notification bar, so that it is activated and the buttons on the bottom. And activated superficially. I mean, for example buttons below shows only the icons, not the black piece that usually occupies. As if it were transparent. Do not worry about that aspect. It is very well thought.

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From what you say I recommend the Z2, I have the Z1 and lasts me 2 days using it with oddball frequency and improves the Z2 esgun say this. The G3 is a phone too big and the quality of the materials is quite questionable.

The keypad on the screen I also had my doubts when I buy it, but one becomes accustomed and it's like a lifetime ubiesen been those buttons there.

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