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CE-32937-4  Failed to download data on playstation 4

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Step 1: Select "Retry" in the error message. Download Cancel and try again from the beginning. 
Step 2: Restart the PS4 and try your download again. 
Step 3: If the error persists, the network connection may be busy or unstable temporary. Cancel the download and try again after a while.
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Thank you Guys!!
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solution to ce-32937-4 on ps4
 I just get this error and looking at various forums in English and despair after reading that I had to remove the entire COD and reinstall ...
What I have done is the following:
1. Delete the data upload COD ghosts
2. Take out the disc and put it back
3. Shutdown of PlayStation 4
4. Restart the router
No action was exactly what he did activate the update but I was doing that well.
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Well guys what I did and it worked was to delete all history both invitations, such as downloads and me worked well I downloaded the actu
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Users report problems with error CE-32937-4 , associated with  loading the first patch for the PS4 version GTA 5, a problem that  does not allow players to enter the GTA Online. Rockstar has released a patch November 16th the size of 1.14 GB, which must be installed before the first launch of GTA Online. Users complain that their PS4 notify them of that patch could not be loaded and access to GTA Online will be blocked. Console tries to re- download the patch, but  an error occurs CE-32937-4, and the user is notified that the upgrade cannot be accessed. This problem is not solved yet. As soon as the decision error CE-32937-4 when downloading the patch, we will update the news. Much to ask to leave in the comments your solutions to, you can help many people!


One way to solve this problem. Click on "repeat" 3 times, then restart the console and the problem persists. Another way: - Choose GTA 5 in the list of games PS4 - Go to the list of game options - Click on "check for updates" - choose to go to boot -  Select pending updates - Press X, to repeat Support Rockstar announced that the bug is temporary. For 5-6 hours loading the patch should work normally and without problems. Just maybe tomorrow is expected to another patch.

Sucks. I cant download any games. We should not have this problem with a new system. Psn is the last to find the problem and solve it. They should have posts all over the internet telling us how to actually fix the error code they give us.
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