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How to remove an installed application from my old provider?

I have the following problem I wanted to uninstall an app from my LG G2 which is my old operator and not let me change my company and that bothers me app via Root there any method to uninstall 
Thanks in advance ..... 

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Yes. there are several methods personally use ES Explorer. 
I go to Applications, stop and clear data, ES_Explorador run (as root) and navigate to / system / app / app and locate the short and stick it in the SD, or directly delete 
The other method is to use Titanium Backup
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Ok try with Master Explorer is in the path you provided me
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Master search the system path // app and found some app same icon which I wanted to uninstall cut and paste in sdcar along with others also had the same icon and they were numbered from 1to 7 with the container name obviously clear the delete app data and cache and remove. Good short story kept popping off and restart the app hateful tinkering a bit then look in this path-system data // app and surprise there was also repeated the process and finally good bye to that app do not know if I did well but the thing already is not 
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That's good, take note of this path forward Sent from my LG-D802 EDIT: Remember that applications?
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Ok Master if the app is called "Clear Ideas" and another that says "Clear Chile.com Plugger" if I remember correctly
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