Why Error says: "Invalid IMEI" in my ANDROID Solution, how to Recover my IMEI

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Why Error says: "Invalid IMEI" in my ANDROID Solution, Recover your IMEI in 9 steps

how to solve Invalid IMEI error on samsung galaxy s6, s5 ,s4 or others samsung galaxy models and android phones  lg g2 g3 or other lg models or other android devices

invalid imei number solution

how to solve invalid imei can you help me please?

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fix invalid imei android

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answered Sep 26, 2014 by osky (127,200 points)
Invalid IMEI Problem (SOLVED) 
Many times we have reported that when the user performs a hard reset (either by the question that is) have been affected by removing the IMEI of your smartphone, these are unique numbers for each phone line you have on your smartphone or device. 
But do not worry, if I happened to you no problem you can easily solve the tutorial IGShop: 
you need to: 
1) Your smartphone 
2) Your SIM or you have to restore the telephone lines 
3) A computer (laptop, netbook, etc.) This is optional 
4) Data Cable, MicroSD or some method to transpasar a file to your Android device 
5) IMEI numbers of your lines, they always come under the battery on your smartphone to place them Imei legend followed by a series of numbers 
6) Application: Android Terminal Emulator 
1) You need to have on hand to give them your IMEI numbers high 
2) Create a text file on a computer with the following lines as such I put you, just copy and paste them: 
echo 'AT + EGMR = 1.7, "IMEI_1"'> / dev / pttycmd1 
echo 'AT + EGMR = 1.10, "IMEI_2"'> / dev / pttycmd1 
Where it says: IMEI_1, you'll put the IMEI number of your line 1 (do not remove the quotes, just remove the word and number), and wherein said IMEI_2 going to put all the numbers in your second line (if you have one, if you only have one line only uses the IMEI_1) 
3) The file you created (you can give any name you want) pasalo to the memory of your android or a Micro SD, the joke is that you open in your device. 
4) Lower ANDROID TERMINAL EMULATOR the application is totally free PlayStore 
5) Now open your text file and copy the first line from cmd1 miss up to that line just select the button and put option COPY or Copy 
6) ANDROID TERMINAL EMULATOR, once you open the app hits the line you copied and precione enter (on the digital keyboard, just copy the text, no matter that there are some characters in the application). 
7) Repeat with the second line. 
8) Restart your device in the SIMS or (if earlier device tapeworms do not worry nothing happens) 
9) are now restored and your IMEI! Now you can use your lines without problem! 
You see! in less than 10 steps and less than 5 minutes you will achieve recover your IMEI, it is very simple and does not need much knowledge, more than copying and pasting text. 
commented Feb 20, 2015 by masjj
I tried this but the emulator said that permission to create that file was denied. I have a cubot p9 and i realy need to fix this invalid IMEI problem please help.
commented Feb 28, 2015 by anonymous
how to to solve it pls reply as soon as possible
commented Mar 9, 2015 by administrator (9,170 points)
this instructions may solve your imei problem
commented May 6, 2015 by raju
go to engineering mode in connectivity menu then select cds info then select radio info then select your phone in dual sim select one at a time . in there u see "at " n then add command "EGMR=1,7,"ur imei no for sim 1".
that's all and remember to give space between "at and  " or the command will not be send.
commented Dec 5, 2015 by anonymous
my galaxy s6 says invalid imei but it solved, thanks raju
commented Dec 6, 2015 by anonymous
Don't you have simple method? please help...
commented Jan 8, 2016 by anonymous
Galaxy S6 say permission denied.

How do I fix that? I did a hard rest and now my imei is different and invalid
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