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I am developing a project and want to learn how to check whether category exists or not. How can I check it?

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Firstly create a php file in root folder of wordpress directory

Include wp-load.php ->

<?php include "wp-load.php"; ?>

and you can check with this code (slug search)

$category_slug = "home";

if ($term = get_term_by('slug', $category_slug, 'category'))
$term_ID = $term->term_id;
$cat_id = $term_ID;
else $cat_id=-1;

OR by name


if ( is_term( 'uncategorized' , 'category' /* do not change this */ ) ) // category_slug, search_place
	return true;
	return false;

OR by id

$cat = get_category(1); // cat_ID
if ( !empty( $cat ) )
	return true;
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Thank you very much
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