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How to save applications to the SD card of Nexus One

save application to the sd card on nexus

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The power of smartphones, like the Nexus, lies not in the ability to surf the Internet and check email, but in the almost limitless applications available. Smart phones are like miniature computers that can run almost any program to suit the needs of each specific user. The version 2.2 and higher of the Android operating system that powers the Nexus One allows applications to be stored in the Secure Digital memory card instead of the internal phone memory. In practice, this means that you can carry many times more applications because the internal memory on the Nexus One is 512 MB and SD card has eight times that amount. 
1-Press "Start", which has an icon of a home button. Then press the "menu" button, which has an icon from the list. Tap "Settings" on the touch screen, then tap "Applications". 
2-Select "Manage Applications" and then wait for the list to appear. It will take a few minutes, while the Nexus One scans the installed applications. When all applications have icons loaded, you can go ahead. Choose the application you want to move to the SD card. 
3- Press the "Move to SD card" button. Wait until the application is copied to the SD card. When the process is complete, the button text will change to "Move to phone". Repeat this process for all applications to be moved to the SD card. 
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