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I needed help, I tell you, on December 23, 2013 I bought a new Xperia Z1 in a store movistar, and they already go like 3 times that I shut down the terminal alone, I catch it and I see that it is off without having turned it off myself .
Otherwise everything is luxurious.
Do you know what's happening or if it's worrisome?
Thanks in advance

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My father was with s2 nfc and it was a software problem, until Samsung did not get an update for that model was not solved, but he is turned off several times a day.
Find out if it happens to more people by asking about Sony forums or carriers.

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I'll give you several solutions, and soon we'll know why your cell phone automatically disconnects, without you doing anything. Here are a few options:
1-.Try to reset the phone to its default settings
2-.Start the battery, wait a few seconds, insert it and turn the device back on
3-.Try to perform a software update
4-.Leave the device to the store, for technical service to check it.
5-.You can also try to root, to see if this works without giving you that problem.
I hope I have helped you, my friend!
A greeting!
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