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Guys I need your help please !. Opening session windows screen goes black and I have tried to write explorer.exe and nothing. I put a screenshot of the specific erro when I press ctrl alt supr: it give me Black Screen Error on windows 8.1

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Here is the ultimate solution !!! boys Follow the steps carefully and definitely resolved !! I leave a saludazo !! : D 
press ctrl alt supr 
Open Task Manager (if nothing comes out click on show details) 
Go to File then run new task 
He writes: 
C: \ Windows \ winsxs 
and a window will open 
in the search menu type 
and copy the file windows.ui.immersive.dll 
to the folder c: / ​​Windows / system32 
which have more size in my case 1.58 MB 
Replace if required 
bar then writes this Address List 
C: \ Windows Activation Technologies 
and delete all files in there 
then the task manager go to File> Run 
and type explorer.exe 
open CMD with administrator privileges 
and type sfc / scannow 
and wait for it to finish and so will have the update installed correctly. 
Yes follow the steps as I leave he will not give them problems !! 
Thanks Alya, your solution works!
Question when I go to winsys I see multiple folders with the same name but one say wow64 and another says amd64 ... Is this the issue should I delete one???
All PERFECT!!! Now it's all ok! Thanks ;-)
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Have you tried to repair the system? 
And when that update to oblige me and we'll see.
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Hello there! I tried through the boot disk windows 8 I had repaired, but not let me. 
Through the symbol system I can see that it has created me a windows.old 
It is seen that when installing through the iso, giving the setup, as I did was install another windows or I know the truth. 
In any case, this is the error that comes when ctlr alt delete, see if it looks good ... 
God I'm desperate: S
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Test try in command prompt: sfc / scannow 
It still does not see the picture, though little I can help you with that, if you is not worth any means repair system did not take long to return to the previous version you had. 
Microsoft already said that was for advanced users Preview,. already foresaw potential problems, and they could return to leave it as it was. 
I hope you have not massacred recovery partition if you had it or you'll have so much fun recovering Windoze.
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If you do the sfc / scannow you back to normal, but after a while the user session is closed and getting back black.
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Guys what sfc / scannow but I've tried :( not let me say this: 
Windows Resource Protection could not start single repair service 
Thank you
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Finally, if I let you do the sfc / scannow, and such but did not served me at all. 
It has been a time that has seen the Metro interface !! it lasted 3 seconds and closed the session and from the BLACK one. puff 
Any idea? will be a pirate for windows?
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Although here we do not support Windows pirates, the fact is that this problem has nothing to do. In any case you should never install an unfinished version of an OS advanced it is above another OS complete or finished. 
Something similar happens with the Service pack (not in vain Windows 8.1 is a full service pack, so to speak, than others. But that is) I would expect the final version to come out and can be updated via Windows Update. 
The problem that occurs from what I read in the picture you put is that files Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 were mixed. It's like a Windows 8.1 refers to a Windows 8 and why this failure occurs. 
Still I was looking at various forums and there are very serious problems with this version. People had to reformat because it failed installation, and then will not start. 
But that's why I recommend never mixing something that works well, with something that is a preliminary version. Because these things can happen.
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It can be very annoying and cause many failures until finally you get will validate the license, and this license purchased and valid, I do not want to imagine what it may pinch a Windoze no modification. 
You are going to have so many snags and slowdowns you will have to think in another system if you happen to not want to pay.
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>Open Advanced Startup Options
>Choose Troubleshoot
>Choose Advanced Options
>Choose Startup Settings
>Touch or Click Restart Button
After the computer restarts...
>Choose a Windows 8 Safe Mode Option
>Wait While Windows 8 Launches
>Log In
Fixing the Black Screen:
People are spot-on that it's a display driver issue.  The exact problem driver and the exact solution driver may vary based on the make and model of your computer.  I simply recommend... 
> From the start screen (with the live tiles) type "Device Manager" (it will initiate a search)
> Select the "Device Manager" option from the results
> Expand the "Display adapters" section of the list
> For each entry within "Display adapters"
>> Click on the item and click Delete on the keyboard
>> Check the box for "Delete the driver software for this device"
>> Click the "OK" button
>> Repeat for any other display adapters (if more than one)
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tried aint fixed ...btw your safe mode is normal ? i still get black screen in safe mode ...

same with @ghdr77 i dont see any Windows Activation Technologies folder.

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I searched many places and your response was what helped me more: D 
Thanks a lot! 
all I could not do the last step (I think I do not have privileges or something) :( 
you do not know how I can fix it? 
Thank you very much again. :)
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