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How to control your PlayStation 3 from your Android

control ps3 with android

turn on your ps3 with your phone

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A few years ago appeared a smartphone from Sony, which had not even Android, which allowed PlayStation 3 to run a distance. However, we knew that with the passage of time Android would be able to emulate this possibility in any smartphone. Now, no way to get it, and tell you how you can control your PlayStation 3 from your Android smartphone. 
To ensure that certain requirements are needed this procedure to work, while not uncomplicated. On one hand, we must have a PlayStation 3 console, which is absolutely essential, as is obvious. We also need a smartphone with Android operating system, or a tablet. This must be rooted, then you must have superuser privileges to the application you will use to function properly. By the way, not all smartphones are supported. Everything depends on the kernel of the terminal, so if yours tells you that is not supported, you will most likely not get the application to work with the PlayStation 3. 
Sony PlayStation 3 
Let's see step by step how to control the PlayStation 3 from your Android: 
  1. Enable Bluetooth on your Android: The PlayStation 3 is connected to the controls via Bluetooth wireless technology, so to use the smartphone in the same way, you need to turn on a Bluetooth mobile phone, something that we can do going to Settings> wireless controls> Bluetooth. Once activated, do not close the window. 
  2. We look for the smartphone on the PlayStation 3: We now move to the console. Once lit and the session started, we Settings, and headed to the Adjustments section of accessories. Here, we have to find the Manage Bluetooth Devices option, because we want to add the Android. We access and we will find a list of all bluetooth devices are added to the controls themselves. Whether or not there are none, we click on Register a new, except that our mobile device is already connected to the console. But before you do, you better let us go back to the smartphone. 
  3. Discoverable Bluetooth Active: A lot of Android smartphones do not activate the Bluetooth visible, so you can only find through those devices that have already been pre-configured. Therefore, it does not only activate the Bluetooth, but we have to turn it visible. To do this, instead of pressing the activator Bluetooth, pulsanmos on this own choice, and there they find that the ability to activate Bluetooth in visible mode, for about two minutes. 
  4. Register New Device: With the Bluetooth enabled smartphone discoverable, now we just have to go back to the console, and click on Register New Device. We take you to a window where you have to select Start Scan. 
  5. Select your device: Once you have located the same name appears on the screen, and select it. 
  6. Enter the key: The console now shows a key partnership that helps us so we can confirm that we want to connect the game console to the smartphone. This six-digit password that appears on the screen of the console we put it on the smartphone, which should have appeared a window in which we are permitted to enter the password. 
  7. Install BlueputDroid: With everything ready, and only we will be installing the relevant application, called BlueputDroid, and can be found for free in Google Play. 
  8. Run the application: After you install the application, we have to run, and then press Start to start running, showing the devices that can be connected. 
  9. Sets the command: The default application brings a keyboard, but pressing the button BlueputDroid can select if you want the keyboard or PS3 Pad. 
  10. Select PlayStation 3: Finally just have to select the PlayStation 3 from the list of Bluetooth devices shown on the screen. It should not be complicated, even if the name does not appear, as it will have the same MAC address when we saw initially configure the phone in the Bluetooth section.
Too bad you have too root your phone.  You can forget your warranty once you do.  Let's not forget that there is the chance you could brick your phone too.  If you could sync them without the root, then this would be great.
Rooting isn't the problem unless ur a dumbass
if you root the phone you can unroot it and get it back to factory setting.... then your warranty is fine. Yes, it works did on an older phone worked fine....
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My PlayStation 3 is freezing when I started.
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Well it isn't a no root option, I'm not actually sure what Sixaxis enabler does as android natively supports USB OTG and you can use a PS3 controller regardless without it. Your article is unclear and makes it sound like it is an option for using a controller wirelessly. This was a real pain to do but it was well worth it. Now I can enjoy all my GTA games to their full extent. Nice guide.
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