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After upgrade linux mint 15 to 16 through the terminal following the steps in this page: http://technologygiant.net/upgrade-linux-mint-15to-linux-mint-16/
Restarting the sound of the session is initiated and the wallpaper of Linux Mint 16 but immediately after the error window appears hear, can not see desktop icons or the start menu, the system does not respond. I have to go in through the console. 
I tried many commands to reinstall Cinnamon and X server, 
Sudo apt-get ... 
> purge cinnamon 
> install - reinstall cinnammon 
> update 
> upgrade 
> Dpkg-reconfigure 
> - configure-a 
I installed from repositories and nothing, reapply dist-upgrade and nothing 
I can not initiate a clean install as I have many programs installed on your computer. 
I did the same procedure on another computer and it worked perfectly but mine does not. I hope you can help me with this problem

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From the grub menu enters Recovery mode option. 
Please enter the terminal in root mode 
Once there, setting the root password, you can run root commands, 
or enter the graphical session with startx, and from there try to resolve the matter.
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from root as you indicate by entering direct type grub ... 
> dpkg - configure-a 
> apt-get update 
> apt-get upgrade 
> apt-get install - reinstall cinnamon 
> reboot 
and did not work? 
still the same problem, any suggestions?
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Have you entered to the graphical session from the recovery mode with the command startx? 
Once being "tinkering" suddenly closed Cinnamon and left a message (Cinnamon just crashed. You are currently running in Fallback Mode.) And the graphic session opened in Gnome-fallback mode (much like the old Gnome2 interface) . Whether logged off and restarted the pc even if the same thing happens again, the error message came out and fallback Gnome-opened. 
From the Gnome-fallback interface I changed the name of the directory / home / user / .config, another name: / home / user / .config_b. I closed the session and went back inside, this time if I could enter and Cinnamon .... I saw that they had created a new / home / user / .config almost directories inside, creating as it would again use the programs. That if I had to go back and reconfigure the Cinnamon panel, activating applets / extensions you want from among those who had installed, and reconfigure some extent as Cinnadock. That had already practically new system as it had before the disaster. 
Once again had to set my taste Cinnamon made ​​a backup of / home / user / .config and later, on another occasion I had the same problem solved by deleting the / home / user / .config problems and replacing by the backup. 
From this I have concluded that various other configurations of Cinnamon to those discussed above are stored in subfolders of the directory / home / user / .config
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 ... you were right! 
delete the config directory., I made a backup. config_old 
and it started well again, as you commented I lost settings but that's not important. 
I made a copy of one for one of the directories. Config_old who had supported al. New config and apparently the problem is in one of these 
<autostart> <dconf> or directories no longer knew exactly where because the delete together, but the other copy settings and not 
I had no errors. 
Thanks a lot! 
Problem solved, but not as mark
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Glad that you have resolved the issue. 
A pity we do not know if the problem was in autostart or dconf. 
To put it as resolved the problem: see the first letter of the subject, and edit it, and you you change the name: Cinnamon had a serious internal error (solved), as the title of the item may not be as long as one would like .
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, I now happened again ". Cinnamon had a serious internal error The system is in recovery mode" 
but not solved by removing or renaming the directory / home / user / .config 
Any idea?
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