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How to evolve your Pokemon on Pokemon GO

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How to evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon GO should be one of our first priorities in the game. The good thing evolve our playmates is that it will be much stronger and more skill points, something very interesting if we want to use them to win battles in Pokemon Gyms. Let's see the different options we have available to change shape a Pokemon in Pokémon GO.

In classic pokemon we should fight to make our pokémon in different ones. GO Pokemon it goes a little out there, but we just have to capture new pokémon to improve current.

Here are some recommendations:

Stay with the strongest basis pokemon: keep pokémon (the smallest of the developments) fighter with the most points (PC) and evoluciónalos. They may be stronger than you've captured. To give you an example, I have evolved one pidget with about 100 PCs and now has about 237 as Pidgeotto, however another captured as Pidgeotto only has 174. Nintendo rewards the effort.

Pokemon do not want to transfer them: You can transfer a Pokemon you do not want to use in Pokemon GO Oak. Just press the pokémon in your list and press the button to transfer. This will give you a candy pokémon can use as'll tell you now.

Now, to evolve a pokemon you have the following options:

You can capture an already evolved pokémon: with a little luck you'll catch a Pokemon GO in its strongest form, although it will not be as much as if you evolve yourself.
Pokemon evolves with candy: this is the best option. If the Pokémon has chosen the option to evolve, you can evolve simply by spending candies pokémon. For example, a Pidgeotto can evolve to a Pidgeot with candy Pidgey.
Leave it in a gym Pokemon: some readers have told me that leaving him in a gym evolves on loan to gain experience points. In the same way, with candy and polvoestelar could evolve, using the "give more" in the description of each button.
In addition, evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon GO is very interesting as we have seen, since we will gain more experience and can level up before capture more Pokémon and different.

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