How do I make a screenshot Samsung Galaxy S4? [not only i9500]

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How do I make a screenshot Samsung Galaxy S4? [not only i9500]

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The screenshots are important when queries are made and it is difficult to explain what you see. 
It can be done natively with the phone. With JB you can make screenshot by pressing the Home button and press and hold the power key (power) to capture the active screen.

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Using keys

You can capture screen by pressing the Home and Power / Lock keys simultaneously.

The capture will be copied to the clipboard and saved to folder Screenshots Gallery.

Using Gesture

Your phone supports a gesture "slide palm to capture screen". You can activate this function in the settings menu Movement. From the main screen, press Menu    > Settings  > My Device    > Movements and Gestures    > Movement Palma. Touch the button   to activate the movement of Palma . Touch the button   to activate screenshot . Now you can capture the screen by touching the screen with the side of his hand and sliding from left to right and vice versa.

The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and saved in the Screenshots folder Gallery.


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Seeing their Screenshots



1.        To open a capture immediately after taking it, open the Notifications panel by sliding your finger from the top of the screen down, and press Pantala captured . Or, to see their catches at any time, from the home screen, touch Apps    > Gallery    > Screenshots.

2.        Open the desired capture.



. 3        When viewing the capture, the following icons appear at the top of the screen:

  • Camera : Opens the Camera application
  • Share: Share capture with Bluetooth ® ,  Email ,  Gmail ™ ,  Messaging , or  Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Note : Additional options may be available on your device. The options may vary depending on installed applications and functions that have been activated.
  • Edit : Edit the screenshot.
  • Delete : Deletes the current image file.         


. 4        Tap Menu    to the following additional options:

  • Edit : Edit the catch.
  • Favorita : Make capture their favorites.
  • Slideshow : Start a slideshow of screenshots folder.
  • Photo Frame : Add a decorative frame to capture.
  • Note Photo : Back to the photo and insert text or handwrite a note.
  • Copy to Clipboard : Copies the capture to the clipboard for pasting into other applications.
  • Print : Print the image on a Samsung compatible printer.
  • Rename : Rename the file.
  • Set : Sets the picture as Photo Contact , background and lock main screen , main screen or lock screen .
  • Share photo with a friend : Tag photo for easy sharing with a contact.
  • Crop : Crop unwanted areas of the catch.
  • Detect Text : Detects any text in the capture. When text is detected, you can copy it to the clipboard for use in other applications.
  • Details : Shows technical information about the image, such as size.
  • Settings : View and edit settings Gallery. Show compatible accounts to sync with Gallery.Select when synchronization must occur. Enable Tagged friend or Tagged Cara.
  • Note : You can also Delete, Edit and Share traps from the notifications panel. Touch the screen capture with two fingers slightly apart and slide down to expand and display all options.



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