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those are the errors that I get ( trying installing ifile ), i tried several sources as well.

Subprocess pre installation script returned error exit status 1
Subprocess/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

how to fix tihis problem do you have any solutions Subprocess/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

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hello lhadawish
1. Sign Cydia and download iFile. 
2 CLOSE Cydia! 
3. Open iFile. 
3. Head to the first folder "/". 
4. Slide to the top and you will see a search field. 
5 Search on "Hierarchy" the application you want to uninstall, so in my case was "MyWi" (without the quotes). 
6. deletes all files that contain the phrase you want to delete the application, in my case was "MyWi" 
7. Once deleted all files, Closes Open iFile and Cydia. 
8. Head to Manage> Packages> "uninstall application" in my case was "MyWi"> Modify> Remove 
Now remove it completely! 
Finally I solved the problem! Just download and install iFile 
1. Open Cydia and download iFile. 
2. CLOSE Cydia! 
3. Open iFile. 
4. Navigate to the top (first) folder. 
5 Scroll to the top and you'll see a search field. 
6 Search in "Hierarchy" mode for "MyWi". 
6. Delete all files container containing the phrase "MyWi" 
7. Close iFile and open Cydia. 
8. Go to Manage> Packages> MyWi OnDemand> Modify> Remove 
Now it will remove it completely! 

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hes trying to install something not to uninstall it... i also have that problem
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