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Sorry couldn't find this person when you look there name up on snapchat.  What is that?

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 You may have been blocked or deleted by user or Snapchat

How do you know if someone has blocked or deleted Snapchat?

How do you know if someone has blocked or deleted Snapchat ?: Start chatting with them, if you get a response, then it is not locked, you can not, then you are blocked by them.

I have been locked in Snapchat

If locked, you can not be found in the contact list and you can not search for them or otherwise not come up. They could still be in power, but not be able to Snapchat them anything, just disappear.

I have removed Snapchat

Now, if you deleted, you can still Snapchat them and still go through but you can not see his best friends and not in your contact list. When he is sent one will be as if you've never snapchatted before and unless they have accepted snapshots of people who have not added, they will never get their Snapchat unless you add again. I think you're eliminated.

Delete account or block

I have two snapchats and spent some time shuttling in and delete the account blocking and these are my correct results.

Try and see if you can chat with them about Snapchat If you can make your unobstructed if you can not have blocked

If you do not meet anyone for a while we're bestfriends disappear so it could be that

Friends list

Sometimes I reviewed the people in my friends Snapchat on my phone to see who your three best friends are. This is not done in a stalkerish way, it is just to see if I recognize anyone I can add to my list

Contacts in the application

Until the other day in a particular contact, which says "no bestfriends" when I clicked on them. Before, it used to list your three best friends who most frequently Snapchat. Have me removed or blocked me? Or they have not done anything?

Snapchat friends

I wondered why his name has been on my list of friends Snapchat but will not show his 3 best friends

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