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Unfortunately One Touch Launcher has stopped Alcatel

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Try Wipe Cache Partition

  • The first is to turn off the alcatel one touch
  •   Now press the Volume Down and Power hardware buttons simultaneously and thus keep them a moment until you see the home screen on the screen (here simply can skip to Recovery menu)
  • Now use the volume buttons to select the Recovery option and then press the Power button
  • Now press the power button and mantelo then press Volume Up
  • In the menu that appears searching with the volume buttons Wipe Cache partition option and select
  • The following is looking Reboot system now and run the command to restart the alcatel one touch and with the cache completely clean for use
I just used your directions an still have the problem after the reboot
I had the same problem, but the wipe cache partition didnt work. Please Help!
This didn't work, anymore suggestions.
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I can't get any apps on my phone the only thing that's coming up on my phone is one touch launcher has been stop wat do I do?? I can't get into my phone
This method did not work on my phone either. Any other suggestions??
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One touch launcher has stop how do i fix it
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